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Wanted: reliable wheelchair van, So Cal area

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    Wanted: reliable wheelchair van, So Cal area

    I'm not familiar with posting and forums...but here goes..

    We just can't get by any longer without private transportation. If you have a vehicle for sale with a wheelchair conversion in it please let me know.

    Can't afford new, can't afford to be breaking down, looking to find something later model, lower mileage between $10K and $20K.

    Really confused as to which conversion!

    Side ramp looks most practical. I am a caregiver, my husband is in a wheelchair and has many medical problems. We are at medical buildings at least twice a week. Side Ramp would unload easiest but the conversions like the VMI Northstar look very tight inside. He is large, his wheelchair is large, it looks like it would be very difficult to turn him to the front.

    Rear ramp looks easiest for me to get him turning...but do I unload him into the middle of the parking lot?

    Until now I have been using public transportation (horrifically unrealiable and usually very painful for him) or a side braun lift in a 35' motorhome (no longer practical since he is going to UCLA Medical Center for treatment now and there is no parking).

    Any suggestions, comments, whatever? Did I even post this in the right area of the forum?

    Ah, the joys of being new... thanks, Chrystie

    Have you tried they have a lot of used vans with state listed. You may wish to consider a full sized van in addition to mini-vans. Mobility companies often list used, reconditioned vans on their websites. You may want to identify your closest conversion companies and check their websites for used inventory. I would have van inspected by a mechanic before you buy, be sure the conversion equipment is a name brand and that your conversion company can access spare parts.

    Consider rear lift if you will need to find parking spots frequently at crowded hospital parking lots, my experience is that actual handicap spaces with room for side lift are hard to find. Of course if you will be curb parking in a city a lot, the rear lift will drive you crazy.