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WTB: Rigid Wheelchair

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  • WTB: Rigid Wheelchair

    I'm looking for a rigid wheelchair.

    The only concrete dimensions is that the seat dimensions must be 17 inches wide by 18 inches deep.

    I am 6 feet tall. 19 inches from the rear to the back of my knee. 17.5 inches from the back of my knee to the heel.

    The front end can be between 75°and 85°.

    Fixed or adjustable cog. I'm looking for slightly tippy.

    Not looking to spend more than $700 plus shipping. And I'm not looking for your rear wheels or your expensive brake system (ADI/D's) or even your hardback.

    I have wheels, a brake system and my own hardback.

    I know that some of you have more chairs than space and might be able to do business.

    Thanks for considering my wanted ad.

    Sellers should contact me privately.