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  • Monarch Mark 1A for sale

    currently listed on ebay Item number:190358330781

    Here we have a set of Monarch Mark 1A hand controls for driving. I took these off of my Acura CL 3.2 a few months ago when I bought another car. Well to be more specific, the guy I sold the CL to removed them for me. In doing so, there is a rod that goes to the accelerator that is missing and maybe a few minor pieces that need replacement. But the major components of the hand controls are all there and in fine working order. The bracket that comes with it was for an Acura CL. You may need to replace it depending on your make/model. Professional installation is recommended for these and a qualified installer will be able to provide the missing pieces with no problem.

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    do you still have them and how much do you want for them ?


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      Probably a real long shot but Im looking for Monarch 1-As. Ive got what appeared to be a full set of hand controls but I'm having a tough time finding accurate install info. Also I need to see if there is a bracket up under the dash that holds the unit in place.

      Im trying to install them in a n
      1999 Acura 3.0 CL. First generation CL.
      Mikeinbmore,do you still have your set and possibly a photo of the mount?

      Thanks, DAC Jon


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        Try google images to see if there's any installations, you might get lucky. I just make up a mount to hang the controls off of. Basically, you need to look for something strong enough to bolt on to, sometimes a simple piece or two of angle is enough to give you something to attach the controls.