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  • Handcycle for sale...

    I've got a black XLT Pro, 27speed, 24 inch tires that I will be putting up for sale when I get back from the beach, next week. I'll post it on ebay with pics and full info then. I'll link the post here at CC.

    I will also be doing a detailed report on my NEW Intrepid. Graham contacted me back in April and long story short, he shipped me a NEW design Intrepid free of charge to replace the one I bought last year. This puppy is very nice, especially for the price(original ~1800 new w/SS Coupling).

    Anyhooo, if you are lokking for a used XLT PRO, keep yer eyes peeled here, next week. I wanted to make sure I liked the new bike b4 I sold my buddy, lol.

    I'll be ballparking it at $700.00 starting bid, pretty sure.


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    I'll be waiting for that bike to go on sale! Thanks. There will be seat size details and pictures on the ebay listing, right?


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      Yepper, I'm anal about details, comes from being loooong-winded