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Looking for a Wells-Engberg Pneumatic Hand Contol set-up

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  • Looking for a Wells-Engberg Pneumatic Hand Contol set-up

    I'm looking for a used Wells-Engberg Hand Control set-up. Ideally it would be nice if it were complete and previously known to have worked but if not I am still interested. Let me know what you have or I would appreciate any leads.

    Thank you...

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    I have a set of hand controls unknown if its the brand u are looking for but its push to brake and pull down for gas. Came off a Ford Taurse. I was told that it will fit any car just need to buy a different plate
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      Need a pneumatic system...

      Thanks for your reply but I am looking for a pneumatically (air powered) assisted system since I am a quadriplegic and will be using it for a van. It sounds like you have a conventional mechanical hand-control system for a paraplegic and no doubt many on this site could well be interested in it.
      I've attached a picture of part of what a Wells-Engberg system looks like.
      Thanks again for your desire to help.
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