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Good Spinal Doc in Memphis

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    Good Spinal Doc in Memphis

    Just in case anyone else might be looking for one in this area, we just found a really good spinal doc here in Memphis. His name is Dr. Sullivan. If you need more info, let me know. My husband is a C-5, 13 years post injury. We have had the same spinal doc in Florida for just about that whole time. We were nervous when we moved up here and had to go with a doctor that took our insurance. We were happily surprised when we found him. Very personable and was terrific with my hubby. He needs shots in his shoulders about once a year and this doc was very gentle with him. More so than any other doc that he has seen. Just thought that I'd jot this down in case it helps anyone else who may be looking.....

    Thank you for this information! Hopefully it will help others.

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