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  • Pain Management Dr.s in the tri state area

    Hi, I'm new here!

    I recently had a cervical syringosubarachnoid shunt placed at C7 due to a very wide expansile Idiopathic syrinx. Primary complaint was severe calf pain, left more than right. I am not wheelchair bound, diagnosis is Syringomyelia.

    Surgery was six weeks ago and went beautifully! I noticed much improvement in my right leg and some in the left for the first three weeks. The cervical wound itself, I hardly noticed.

    But now, The pain in my calves has returned in the last 2 weeks. I cannot say how depressed I am. Long story short. I need a very good pain mangement doc, experienced in serious neuropathic pain. I have gabapentin 300 mg , thrice a day and oxycodone 7.5 mg. I need pain relief and to know that I won't have this terrible achy, unrelenting pain forever.

    I live halfway out on the island, but could come to NYC.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!