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    Doctors - Inland Empire California

    We are moving from Orange County California to a new house in the Inland Empire.

    Does anyone know good doctors in the Inland Empire: Hemet, Temecula, Murrieta, etc.

    I'm looking for an Internal Medicine doctor, Pain Management, Gastro, etc.

    I'm a T1 Complete.

    Thank you.

    Just an idea... you could contact Rancho los amigos in Downey, CA.
    They are a large regional rehabilitation medical center and their group of affiliated doctors may have offices, associates, or knowledge of physicians in the Inland Empire, who have experience with disabilities within the specialties you need. Good luck with you move. It is always difficult to make these kinds of changes. When we moved from Los Angeles to northern California 20 years ago, the things I dreaded most were finding a new car mechanic and new dentist....not to mention a urologist, primary care physician etc.

    All the best,


      Hi Taylor,

      My doctors are all in Murrieta (actually Wildomar for the urologist and infectious disease docs). While I'm not thrilled with my GP, I am extremely pleased with my urologist and infectious disease doctors.

      Urologist: Gerald Yoon (951) 677-3000
      ID: Thuan Le (951) 698-4722
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        You could also call Casa Colina Centers for Rehabilitation. I know they have a GREAT SCI unit, as well as urologists, physiatrists, etc. on their campus in Pomona, CA. It is about an hour from Hemet, but worth the drive. I have a lot of friends who go there for their physiatrist. I work out at a club near there with a great SCI recovery program similar to Project Walk in Carlsbad, and live "locally" (I can PM you with specific information).
        Also, Loma Linda University Medical Center might have some doctors who have experience with SCI patients.
        Personally I find it worth my time to drive down to Orange County for specialty medical care. My physiatrist is Dr. Scott Martin in Mission Viejo, and my orthopedic spine surgeon is Dr. Jeffrey Deckey in Orange. I am getting ready to see a new urologist who was recommended to me by Dr. Martin.
        If you are interested in more information on any of the above information, or just wanna talk about what is around locally, feel free to send me a PM.
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