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Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art

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    Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art

    Everybody needs to read this book called "Breath" by James Nestor. I first heard him on Joe Rogan podcast.

    I first heard him on Joe Rogan podcast. While I was listening to him, I was very dismissive of what he was saying about how we all breath. The information in this book should be taught in schools.

    This is what catched my attention when he said, humans are the worst breathers among 5oo something mammals. The horse breaths through its nose." This was the key for me. I said to myself, "horse is among one of the fastest animals and all the other other mammals such as tiger, lion, etc all breathe through their noses except us." And we are the only mammals with crooked teeths. Horse, lion, tiger etc. have all perfect teeth.

    So the next day when I was exercising, I closed my mouth and it was unbelievable. The exercise was easy and the recovery was easier. Then I listened to him on other podcasts and I learned more things. I increased my testestrone. You will have more energy. Then I ordered his book and it has a treasure of health information.

    He said most of use breath through our mouths when we are sleeping and this is giving us so many sicknesses such as sleep apnea. He shows in his book that him and another friend did a study on mouth breathing vs nasal breathing.

    We produce Nitric Oxygen when we nasal breath. Nitric acid is an amazing chemical that cleans our bodies and protects us in so many ways. (A scientist won a Nobel Price in the 90's for this discovery.)

    Then I started to tape my mouth when sleeping. I no longer need to drink water at night because nasal beathing keeps you 40% more hydrated. My wife and my son also tape our mouths when sleeping now.

    He has a website and it has tons of information on breathing. He has intervies with doctors and experts. He also has 500 scientific references in the book that you can verify what he is talking about.

    He says it himself that he is a science journalist only and he only wrote about things that science already knew but they were put aside and forgotten. He just put a light on them as his subtitle of the book is "The New Science of a Lost Art."

    He implies that these scienctific discoveries were put aside because there is no money in breathing. It is free and you can take control of it yourself.

    There are thousands of breathing techniques. He talks about the ones that are the most powerfull.
    Some techniqes will give you more energy and some will relax you to go to sleep. It is in your control.

    Please don't dismiss the information in this book. It will definitely will help on some level for you, your kids, families and friends. You can help your kids and your friends' kids to make sure they go to Airway Centris Dentists and Orthodontist so that they can grow their mouths in the healthies way possible (widened and forward). Don't let any dentist to pull wisdom teeth which will make the airway narrower which will lead to so many respiratory ilnesses.

    I could go on and on but here below are some links to free information. Authors website (interviews with doctors, scientists and experts, bibliography. (His first interview) Twice a week free breathing exercises from Chuck McGee (Certified Wim Hof instructor)


      Please people read this. It is very beneficial.