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    Book writing ???

    Has anyone on here ever written a book or know someone who has? How do you get started? I'm interested in doing so. Not necessarily for SCI but just stuff...I don't know what the 1st step would be or whom to even contact. Can anyone give me some suggestions or insight? Thanks guys

    You might want to take a course. I have seen local university extension and enrichment courses on novel writing, etc. Writers' workshops are also an option but often you need to submit some material you have already written to get accepted into these. You might want to start smaller with short stories or articles and try to get published in a magazine or ezine. Are you thinking about writing fiction or non-fiction?

    Of course, you need to write. I always remember hearing Ray Bradbury say that he disciplines himself to write for 8 hours a day, at least 5 days a week. He may throw away 90% of what he writes, but it makes him work at it.

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