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The short wheelbase on your Kuschall will make it harder for the front wheels to bump up over obstacles. Center of gravity also plays a part. The clamping mechanism on the ZX1 is designed for a 1 1/4" camber tube. It should clamp firmly but still allow the camber tube to rotate inside the clamping. It's possible that your Kuschall has a smaller, possibly 1 1/8" cambertube causing it to shift laterally too easily. Spinergy may have a thicker carbon fiber bushing to help with that. I've never felt the need for shaft collars although they may help but if you aren't centered and the clamp clamps down on one you may damage something like the actuator. If your armrests are adjusted correctly, they will guide you in centered. I line mine up directly over my manual wheels.

On number 4, the ZX1s armrest act as an anti-tip to keep your manual chair from tipping too far back when in a "wheelie". So if they are set too close(front to back) to your backrest, your front wheels won't be able to "lift up" over obstacles. Set them so they are about 2 3/4" behind the backrest when your chair is connected and rear wheels are just slightly above the ground.

Knobby tires are a bit bumpy and noisy indoors. I use these http://www.monsterscooterparts.com/3...ead-kenda.html They are quiet and feel like a pnuematic and have good tread. They're are twice as much as a gray foam filled which will work as good but I prefer black. Dealing with air filled drive wheels are a PITA. If they are too low your clamp won't line up correctly with your cambertube and you won't get as much clearance when raising the rear manual wheels when going ove an obstacle. Not to mention the possibilty of getting stuck with a flat.

I've never felt the need to switch to lithiums. I use only VMAX batteries. https://www.vmaxtanks.com/ . I have however added two 6ah batteries in addition to the two 15ah batteries giving me a total of 21ahs. I use it everyday, all day and never have a range problem. Charge them every night or once a week if you are not using it daily and they will last a year.

Another thing to consider is the front airshock. Either make sure it has the proper psi for your weight or better yet set it to "lock out" like I do. It really doesn't absorb any shock.

Also that front caster on the ZX1 was designed to minimize the armrest "dive" that Robotnik mentioned. It really isn't that effective and can be removed completely, as I have done, including the fork.
Swap it with the back fork like Robotnik says.

Another important thing that Robotnik has done is removing those "stop bolts" that limit the range that the "swing arm" can raise your chair. They are a bad idea for a few reasons and will cause the actuator to fail prematurely.