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Did some "driving"
The chair is nice in the garage, patio, deck, barn-house. It's nice, the feeling of being propelled and not having to work at it.
The thing is problematic going in/out of the house, especially out! We have a Anderson sliding door; there's about a 1" drop from the flooring to the sill the screen tracks are on, then 1/2" onto the bricks of the patio. The friggin thing gets stuck! I try raising the chair/NG; I lo0wer the chair so the wheelchair tires get some traction: it goes out with me pushing the arms down and pulling the joystick together.
I go on the road and into the yard. Not too much work getting stuck! My wife assists-even with her pushing, I'm spinning the slicks. I unlatch and she drives the ZX back while I wheel.

The machine doesn't stay centered at all; any difficult uneven surface driving and the machine tire is agains one of the chairs!

Not impressed!
Here are some tips to get the ZX1 to do what you want it to do:
1. Remove the anti-tilt mechanisms. You don't need them and they hinder the ZX1s ability to go over obstacles.
2. Remove or just unplug the proximity sensor. The sensor reduces power by 40% when the rear manual wheels are lifted a certain height. Just use caution when turning too quickly while the manual wheels are more than 1/8" off the ground.
3. Adjust the armrest in so that they touch the uprights of your backrest. This will keep the ZX1 centered.
4. Adjust the armrest back so you can raise your front casters atleast 3" off the ground when you lean back. The armrests will keep you from tipping all the way backwards.
5. When on grass keep your weight back. This will keep the weight off the front casters and allow them to raise up over bumps. The limitimg factor off road for the ZX1 is the small front casters of your manual chair. It doesn't matter how much power or traction the drive wheels have if your 3 or 4" casters dig in to the ground, you aren't going anywhere. If you plan on going off the pavement alot and want to go fast, get a Freewheel attachment. It works amazingly well with the ZX1.
6. When approaching a curb like your slider, Raise the back wheels a bit, this keeps your manual wheels from hittng the curb before the drive wheels and causing traction problems. Lean back and bump your front casters over while slowly pushing the joystick forward then power the drive wheels over. If you go in and out the slider alot just add a 3/4" threshold ramp from a local hardware store on each side.

The ZX1 was never intended to be an off-road solution, there are many powerchairs whith 8 or 10" pnuematic front caster wheels out there that would easily out perform it if that is your main purpose. It's primary purpose is for people that prefer a manual chair at home but are unable to push up ramps or steep terrain when going out.

If you follow all these tips I'm pretty sure you'll be a little more impressed.