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I have a zx1. Are you saying you want the clamshell to only partially "grab onto" the wheelchair axle bar? Are you wanting to have more "tip-ability" of the wheelchair front wheels for popping over 2"-3" bumps, threshholds? It seems such an adjustment, if possible, would do that.
Don't know if that's what you're after, but if so, have you tried to only partially attach clamshell with the clamshell actuator button? I don't do so until I get to a bump - at that point I "trim" the clamshell actuator slightly, get out of clamshell mode, then push down on the armrests which makes the front wheels pop up enough. The tricky part is gently touching joy stick "forward" while at the same time holding down armrests so the front wheels are raised.
By the way, I still don't know what "crawl mode" is.
Sorry if I've misinterpreted your post