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Domosoyo, I talked to PG Drives Technology in the UK about purchasing a PP1 Programmer or Mobility PC Programmer and interface cable about 1.5 years ago. I was told at the time that the cheapest most flexible option is to go with the Mobility PC Programmer (PCPb OEM Version D50145) and interface cable and was told it is 153.00 GBP (178 Euro / $228 US dollar) give or take shipping, etc.

I had not asked about the DDT Programmer, because I don't think it was available at that time. My guess is that the DDT Programmer will be more expensive because it is a complete device, where as the Mobility PC Programmer is just software and a cable.

The DDT was very easy to use, and as long as you have the settings from Spinergy you should be able to do it easily. I don't think you can see every setting, but you can see most of them. This is the brochure for the that shows how it works Diagnostic Test Tool Brochure (DDT). Unfortunately you can not get the manual without having a login.

There is also someone on e-Bay who rents a PP1 Programmer for $59 per week. You can also contact dealers who service Pride or Quickie power chairs, as many of them have the programmers.

I posted some information about programming on our website: ZX-1 Joystick Programming.

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I see in your post (#57) that you had a dealer come with the DDT programmer. Shoot, I was hoping I could just get ahold of one of these things and I see that is not going to happen because it is pre-loaded.