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The sensor is obviously located where the green circle is as I have seen a yellow light come on when a screwdriver is placed near it. Theoretically by putting this sensor in its various holes will adjust crawl mode, but as I say to those who don't have crawl mode, don't get too excited.


Even though I am classified as C5/C6 I would say I am much closer to C5 with very weak wrist extensors so the SMARTDRV wouldn't work for me. I don't say this out of personal experience of using one but I have a friend who is a C6/C7 quad and he says I have no chance of being able to operate effectively. He is about to take delivery of his so I will ascertain it for myself when I have a closer look. Once I get this battery issue sorted and this will be within the next few weeks the ZX1 is still the best fit for me in combination with E-Motion wheels for around the house.

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