Posted by a friend at MS Connection:

For those of you interested in accessible travel, I have found many great resources on Instagram and Facebook. There are hashtags specifically used for that purpose on Instagram. A couple that come to mind are #accessiblecamping #accessibletravel #accessiblefamilytravel and many variations of these names. There are also folks who maintain their own pages and if you just search by names like ?accessible? and ?travel?, you?ll find many different pages. The same thing on Facebook. I look at Accessible Family Travel and Accessible Travel Online but there are tons out there.

There?s a campground called Wilderness on Wheels in Colorado which has an Insta and Facebook page. I also read lately that Winnebago had recently come out with three accessible RV models. (Don?t think I want to see the price tag on those but the pics looked beautiful!). Safe travels everyone!!