(Hat tip to the Mabster - this was the catchphrase of ol' George Peppard from the A-Team. You know the A-Team, people: Mr. T!) Anyway, we rolled back into town, and what went down last week was the plan.

This was in the works since last year when we bought our powerful, outsized 2017 Nissan NV 3500 cargo van, Moby Dick. Last week Moby Dick met its destiny: we drove it cross-country to pick up the RV it was always meant to tow.

Like Moby Dick, we found the RV on the Internet. It is a small 16-foot toy-hauler (the back wall drops to become a ramp for my wheelchair), designed by Dunesport of Mesa, Arizona, which manufactures accessible RVs. Used Dunesports rarely come on the market, and like Moby Dick, this one was practically new, a 2019 that was traded in. The catch was that the RV was on the other side of the country, near Mesa, in Surprise, Arizona. That's a long way from Chicago. (Moby Dick we found in Pasco, WA, crazy Internet.) But here's the thing: the first sight we planned to see when we got an RV was the Grand Canyon, because Mabster had never seen it before - and lo and behold, this RV sat only a few hours from the Grand Canyon. So yeah, Surprise!

And they're off!

Now 3900 miles and 10 states later, we roll back into town, exhilarated. We saw GC and the Arches National Park, crossed the Rockies (Mab and Moby Dick handling the mountains like champs) and stayed with comfort at six RV parks. Not all went perfectly - along the way we got stranded in West Texas in 100? weather - but once in the RV, it was so relaxing not having to micro-plan and negotiate and shoehorn ourselves into hotel rooms with our Hoyer lift, etc. Instead of frustration, headaches, and feeling like a pack animal, Mabster slept her soundest seven nights since I've known her.

More details later. Got another trip to plan.