Hotel List: beds without platforms, low beds, adjustable-height beds

There are ADA rooms, and there are accessible rooms ? and often those are two different things.

27 years after the landmark Americans With Disabilities Act, most hotel rooms are completely unusable to many disabled Americans. Hoyer lift users are shut out by box platforms beneath beds, i.e., almost all hotel beds. Independent travelers in chairs are shut out by beds too high to transfer. Beds and sinks are too cramped for use. So while some barriers have been ironed out, others still render travel stressful if not impossible.

This link is a list of those special ADA rooms you rarely come across: beds with no platforms, low beds and adjustable-height beds, super-accommodating staff, the ones you need. Use it. Contribute to it. Promote it. I've looked for a database like this for a long time, so here it is.

Travelers, Hoyer users, please contribute as many specifics as you can: hotel name, address, phone, room no., manager name, bed height, setup of toilet, shower, sinks above (faucet type, reach) and below (clearance, pipes), etc.

Please promote this link far and wide.

Call to confirm info before booking.

Get out there!