Chicago Tribune's Blair Kamin takes star architect Jeanne Gang to task for heavy reliance on escalators in her $8.5 billion O'Hare terminal redesign. Gang creates brilliant structures, including this one, and her multilevel airport design lets plenty of natural light into the airport experience. Kamin, however, argues that the escalator plan complicates and frustrates travelers, and with breakdowns like what occurs at other airports, could even put pressure on national traffic patterns.

But what's truly refreshing is Kamin's primary concern with the effect on disabled travelers and channeling them to find and use elevators, which could have been minimized with some of the competing plans that were more open. Kamin speaks with Marca Bristo, head of advocacy group Access Living, who says that Gang and associates had been hands-on with accessibility planning and meeting with Access Living. But now Bristo is disappointed, because that ball has been dropped ? down the escalator.