We're looking for an accessible van and applying for financing through the Illinois Adaptive Technology Program (IATP). IATP will not only help finance your purchase, they can also help with finding the equipment you need. They loan equipment, and on their website have free listings of adaptive equipment and supplies for sale or giveaway by users (no registration required). In Springfield they have an AT Demonstration Center with adaptive tech displays in kitchen, bathroom and other settings.

From the agency's Highlights newsletter:

The Simons live in a rural area outside of Litchfield. Both have had a diagnosis of MS for over 20 years. This year they had an auto accident which left Mrs. Simon with serious injuries and totaled their accessible van. This left them in a desperate situation. Medical bills were mounting. They lived in an area that didn't offer public transportation. They were having problems just getting groceries delivered, but most importantly they couldn't get to their medical appointments.

They couldn't qualify for a cash loan in their current situation so they called IATP for assistance. The timing was perfect as someone had called to donate an accessible van that had belonged to her father. It needed minor repairs which add up to less than $1500 which was well within their price range. The attached pictures show the before and after.

Most who could use it have no idea about IATP and its services. Does your state have programs like this that you might not know about?