Yesterday whilst bringing my pup out, I found a robin on the road. It wasn't bleeding, but it was struggling to get up. I wanted to help. I could see the fear in its eyes. We live off a busy road. Cars fly by way over the limit. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to scare the little creature, but I knew if it didn't get out of the way fast it would be crushed and I couldn't bare the, I drove right into the road to try to protect it. I know; not smart. My only thought was to save it. After all, if it was me, if I had fallen out of my chair on a busy road with traffic passing as I struggled to get up, I would be terrified.

I have a big, bright flag on my power chair, so drivers can see me and I had my pup in my lap, but I knew we had to get out of the street. I felt helpless; I don't have the dexterity to pick up such a fragile creature without crushing it. I was running on adrenaline, motioning to people to go around. For a while, no one stopped. What a sight it must have been: a small woman in a power chair with a little dog on her lap waving her arms around in the middle of a busy road. Perhaps people just thought I was bonkers.

After a while, a kind, young man with bare feet and messy hair stopped. At that point the bird had gone just under my footrest; I didn't want to crush it. The young man immediately picked the bird up and upon my request, placed it deep in the bushes, as far away from the road as possible. I hoped it would either get itself sorted, or if it came to it, it would pass out of this life in a more peaceful place, instead of having its last minutes be fraught with fear.

Life is so precious and fragile. When our abilities are challenged or cut off in some way, we often become hypersensitive to the things we used to take for granted; I know I did anyway. Then we adjust and though we do not forget, we adapt and that becomes the new normal. We are reminded of the precious nature of this life when confronted by accidents, mistakes, diminishing strength, disease or death. Life is a gift.

I hope and pray we can each find a way to support those around us as we wish to be supported. I hope those who feel alone find a way to reach out for help. Let us support each other. For life is a challenge to all and for some it is harder than others, but I think every creature deserves love. I think every life deserves peace. Let us be grateful for what we have, though times may be rough, for this is our life. Let us live it! ~Namaste