Finally hauled all the tools I need to build 2 ships to PLANET Pluto (Yep, I am one of TH0SE astronomers) and THEN some under the truck. Getting up and down to the ground is a major thing for me. Nudder story. Going to replace the center support bearing and its associated u-joint. Done this(tried) Friday and realized I wouldn't get it before sundown and stopped. Resumed Sunday afternoon and it is the first u-joint in my life I didn't get OUT, let alone replaced in 15 minutes or less, I think it grew there.
Made two trips to the parts store, got a replacement, looked at their press and for some reason figured it would not work for me and headed home. Crawled back under and banged on that thaaang for another eternity and NO movement of either cap. Bent my big C clamp trying to squeeze them in, nada. Went BACK to get their huge press and the rental was $99.99 !
OK, I can see why they want a c note around here, no jeeeRRbz, flunkies, etc, but I am an h0nest 'po man, and I NEEDED to get'r done 2day. Not mentioning how many times I crawled in and out and up and down...crawled isn't the proper term used for what I do to move on the ground anywh0. My golf ball I keep hidden just beneath the skin of my back is sore as heck, my shoulder is begging to be shot and I can't sleep for the pain. I left the powerchair I park beside my manual, that I use to get up from the ground, parked beside my truck in the same spot, tools scattered under, can't waste another hour getting them inside and more getting it all in place again tomorrow or whenever I can find a picture of a famous founder of the nation they value enough to trust me with a tool I can't lift into my trunk... <breathe> surprisingly not agitated, guess my shoulder and back sucked all 'dat anger from me.
OR, more like I am learning to rest all my cares in Jesus, as I have been praying to do/learn and trust more in my Creator. Let tomorrow take care of itself. There are TWO days you can do NOTHING about in your life, yesterday, it's gone, can't change the past, and tomorrow, that's future, you may not even be here. All you can do is live in the moment and ask God to guide you.